New Releases

New Releases: Week of December 6th, 2020

I have a question. Who is buying physical copies of games still? I evicted the PS3 in the console shuffle and had to move a bunch of games out of the way to remove/run the power cables.

New Releases: Week of November 29th, 2020

Coffee Memoirs:  Anyone ever wondered how we pick the games to write about on a week to week basis?  It’s very scientific.  I am going to pull back the curtain and reveal “The Great Wizard of Oz” t

New Releases: Week of November 15th, 2020

Yeesh! Anyone else tired from last week?

New Releases: Week of October 25th, 2020

So I started streaming. This is a whole new level of odd for your pal ChunkySoup (aka ChunkySoup703 on Twitch) as I hate, yes hate, any media with my face in it.

New Releases: Week of October 18th, 2020

Coffee Memoirs: It’s almost that Ooky Spooky time of year again.

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