Wireless Controller Adapter is GOOD!


Shared on Sun, 07/19/2020 - 05:25

So in trying to get this workstation to be usable for gaming, and with my workplace injury, I needed a controller.

What controller?

PS4? Then I need to get a BT dongle/adapter. The plus is that I have a PS4 controller.

XBox One? Then I need to either get a first gen XBox One Wireless Adapter, or a second gen controller and that would still need BT. There is no plus to this - I don't have a XBox One controller, and the Wireless Adapter is currently sold out locally. It's also getting super bad reviews for dying within a few months.

XBox 360? Then I need to get the elusive 360 Wireless Controller Adapter. You can get the super random knockoff ones for under $20, or try and get the MS one for $60. The plus is that I have three controllers.

Well, at some point I do wanna get a m.2 BT/Wireless module but that can wait since I would have to get the antenna deals as well.

I was talking about this at work with one of the cooler supervisors, and it turns out that he has a genu-ine Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Adapter! So he brought it in, and I brought it home to test it, and it looks like it's a GO! Well, if I can figure out how to get Steam to play nice with the controllers.

At some point I would like to step up to the XBox One Elite controller (and the BT adapter thing) but now that can wait. Plus someone else at work that is in the know, says a newer Elite controller will be coming out soon(ish) that will be cheaper. And we all like cheaper, right?

Game on Bubbas!


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