New Releases: Week of July 11 2021


Light week as apparently game development publishers must be on vacation just like everyone else!  We’ve got some racing drama and a remastered Nintendo favorite coming your way and well that’s it.  So instead of talking about what’s coming out this week for the intro here’s what we’ve playing in my house.


Been working our way through a bunch of Artifex Mundi hidden pictures games picked up extremely cheap in Steam sales over the years. Excited to find ones with both otter and monkey helpers for puzzles though the biggest puzzle of all is while they all star heronies looking for their lost finance, child, or person of importance to the local ruler.  Husband has been playing a lot of Assassin’s Creed Vahalla which till the recent patch crashed 1000% more than Cyberpunk 2077 ever did so I’m not sure why everyone was so mean to CD Projekt Red. Also speaking of Valhalla who knew there were so many snakes in Viking times?!  And the main character wins for best (worst?) female Christain Bale Batman voice which ever video game made now seems to give the main protagonist.


F1 2021

Release Date: July 13 (Deluxe) and 16 (Standard), 2021

Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, XBO, XBX  

Is that Pikachu on the second car? Talk about a Poke stop!  This title promises on and off the track drama with “braking point” mode (see what they did there?).  Another cool new feature is two players can share across career mode as teammates or rivals.


Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Release Date: July 16, 2021

Platforms: NS 

Remaster-sworded for Nintendo Switch from the 2011 Wii game, this version is updated with a better frame rate, auto-save and for “quality of life” the annoying fairy hints are now mostly optional!  It also supports new amiibos for fast travel.  I feel like that Chocobo is looking at the Princess a little funny...there’s chocobos in Zelda right?! #trolling

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