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Forza Motorsport 6: Apex (beta)

Turn 10 and Microsoft have finally brought their fantastic Forza racing series to PC – Forza Motorsport 6: Apex.

New Releases: Week of November 21st, 2021

Coffee Memoirs:   Thanksgiving special edition it is!  My turkey has been cooked in an oh shit kind of way far too many times but I have never cooked a turkey and neither has my wife.  There are so

New Releases: Week of November 14th, 2021

Can you smell that? I swear I can smell turkey from here! I know its still a couple weeks away for you folks down south, but working for a US based company it is like a holiday up here for me too!

New Releases: Week of November 7th, 2021

Like Cher once said: "If I could turn back time!"  Well, most of us did this morning or maybe last night or maybe a combination of the two. You know who didn't? Our pets.

New releases: Week of October 31st, 2021

Coffee Memoirs:   Halloween!  Here is my top 5 favorite Halloween things including both real and fictional.  No particular order since I am doing a little better than half-assing my way through thi

New Releases: Week of October 17th, 2021

Is anyone playing Marvel Avengers (Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics) on Xbox? I played the beta earlier this year and it was rough.

New Releases: Week of October 10th, 2021

Coffee Memoirs:   Community… its like a recipe of varied elements that come together to make something either better or worse.  If you take part or interact in a game, a social group or something e

New Releases: Week of September 19th, 2021

So we winterized the trailer and said goodbye for it's annual 8 month hibernation this weekend.

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