New Releases

New Releases: Week of July 5th, 2020

Coffee Memoirs:  The freedom to play video games did not come lightly.  So many things we take for granted in todays age.  I am not jealous of the hardships that were endured to obtain our freedoms

New Releases: Week of June 21st, 2020

Happy Fathers Day to all you dad's out there! How did your day go?

New Releases: Week of May 24th, 2020

I hope you are enjoying your Memorial day weekend. For those of us not in the US it is just a regular ol' weekend that seems to fly by way too damn quickly these days.

New Releases: Week of May 10th, 2020

Happy Mothers day! I told my mom she was a gamer now as I constantly "see" her playing Candy Crush. She used to rag on me for playing way back in the day until she discovered Tetris on my NES.

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