New Releases

New Releases: week of March 13th, 2022

I void warranties. Mainly on computer stuff. Car stuff...not so much as I can recover from bricking a laptop, but not a $50,000 vehicle.

New Releases: Week of March 6th, 2022

Coffee Memoirs: Video games on the go, yes please! So many new ways to enjoy games on the go that

New Releases: Week of February 20th, 2022

Me again! I was covering for our good buddy Coffee last week and this week is my turn!

New Releases: Week of February 13th, 2022

It's Superb Owl day! Who is going to take home the trophy this year? Tigers or Sheep? Do you even care? Are you in it just for the half time show? The commercials?

New Releases: Week of January 30th, 2022

I am trying to think of something to say to entice you to read this week's New Releases. I am coming up empty I have to admit.

New Releases: Week of January 23rd, 2022

Coffee Memoirs: 2020 TWO? No, 2022. I heard it said that way and laughed at first but when I think

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