New Releases

New Releases: Week of August 2nd, 2020

Welcome to the "Chunky is taking full advantage of the Canadian long weeked so here is an early Friday edition of the New Releases"!

New Releases: Week of July 26th, 2020

Coffee Memoirs: A virtual overload of titles this week, lots of remakes.  Stuff for everyone across the board.  I don’t see any major titles that screams gimme gimme or shut up and take my money bu

New Releases: Week of July 12th, 2020

HOLY SHIT! It has been one crazy week!

New Releases: Week of July 5th, 2020

Coffee Memoirs:  The freedom to play video games did not come lightly.  So many things we take for granted in todays age.  I am not jealous of the hardships that were endured to obtain our freedoms

New Releases: Week of June 21st, 2020

Happy Fathers Day to all you dad's out there! How did your day go?

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