New Releases: Week of January 23rd, 2022

Coffee Memoirs: 2020 TWO? No, 2022. I heard it said that way and laughed at first but when I think
back on that… its not very funny but... damn-it… its still just a little funny. I’ve laughed at some horrible
things like kids crashing full helicopters in Call of Duty Warzone while screaming “Kobe!!!” There isn’t all
that much that is funny to it really but sometimes its how we process certain things when we don’t have
a strong connection to the event or individual associated. Just how it is I suppose. It's just up to us to
not get too bent over with something simple and mostly empty and said without sensitivity. I think it’s
just trying to relate despite not being able to personally.

Be kind and have a great week people!

The Artful Escape
Release Date: January 25, 2022
Platforms: Switch, PS4, PS5 (already available for Xbox consoles)

Ready for a game that is more about a fun and interesting story you can enjoy vs grind and face
increasing difficulty? This is a musical journey that spans thru space and odd worlds. The music you play
adds pops of color and life where you go. A bit like Guitar hero but only uses your controller to
complete the challenges that lay ahead.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Release Date:
January 28, 2022
Platforms: Switch

Pokemon is a game that has long been ruled over by a PVP mentality. This game seeks to change just
that. So… Arceus is more of an open world similar to Breath of the Wild but still has multiple territories
to explore that are all separate from each other. Seek out Pokemon in their natural habitats and try to
stay alive when they attack you… the player.


Other Notable Titles:
January 28
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection – PS5

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