New Releases: Week of July 18th, 2021

Coffee Memoirs:   Poop.  Yes, Poop.  You are either doing the pooping or getting pooped on.  Wait, wait… lets step back a little bit from that statement that oddly sounds a bit too much like a disgusting fetish.  This is in regard to “Life” and living and not work even though it could also.  If you eat enough of “Life” … the poop is bound to happen.  I have had some big lunches to test this theory out and it doesn’t matter if it was good going in because there was bad coming out.  That does not mean that you will always get a bad result from good in life… just human nature and your good may have someone else feeling like they have been shat on because they were maybe less fortunate and didn’t get the lunch invite.  If you are not getting enough “Life” or the bad bits of it, you might also feel like you were given shit to eat.  Two Girls, One Cup?  Where are they now?  Guessing one dead from E coli at least.  I think I was going to mention that I wrote Poop on the back of a couple big mechs I play in a game, but I have no idea where I am going with this anymore. 

In other bits of life, I’ve started a new job which I highly enjoy so far and will write more about that in a future new release… if they let me after this!  Besides right now my brain is kind of pooped, lol.

Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed
Release Date:
July 20, 2021
Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch

AKA the Akiba Strip.  Shadow monsters have invaded Akiba and to destroy them you must strip them of their clothes to make them weaker and defeat them but you can also be defeated the same way.  I found they also made an anime series based on it too.  I am sure it’s all very wholesome.  This game is actually a western release from a slightly dated game that was only available in Japan previously as a way of fan service.

Cris Tales
Release Date:
July 20, 2021
Platforms: PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX

A classy JRPG art style combined with some well thought out mechanics have this game poised to keep your attention.  As the protagonist in this game, you can control time and will see a past present and future simultaneously.  Your decisions in one could affect the others.  Can YOU save the kingdoms?

Death’s Door
Release Date:
July 20, 2021
Platforms: PC, XBO, XSX

Action rpg where you play a crow who is a reaper of souls which have stayed past their natural life spans.  I’d say it’s a tough job and someone has to do it but I get crows outside my house once in a while and they are kinda slackers but I have also seen them chase squirrels into traffic just so they’d die so there is that too.

Pokémon Unite
Release Date:
July 21, 2021
Platforms: Switch

Pokémon meets League of Legends in its own moba style multiplayer arena battle game.  Oh yeah, it’s FREE.

Last Stop
Release Date:
July 22, 2021
Platforms: PC, Switch, XBO, XSX, PS4, PS5

I’m not entirely sure how to describe this yet so I will let you make your own decisions about this game.  Just choose the non-shitty decision.

Other Notable Titles:
July 20

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights – PS4, already out for Xbox
Cotton Reboot - Switch, PS4
July 23
Orcs Must Die! 3 – PC, PS4, XBO, XSX.  Tower defense game in a 3rd person perspective.  Looks like a lot of fun.

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