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Commenting on Metro: Last Light will result in russian adverts...


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When Torchlight 2 dropped I bought it sight unseen, purely based on the experiences I had with the original Torchlight. Torchlight 2 could not hold my interest. I would not recommend getting Torchlight 2, even if it has co-op over the original which didn't have co-op.


Shared on Sun, 05/26/2013 - 09:00

Defiance. Yes it is...pretty defiant.

Having been interested in this game for a while, but hesistant to drop €60 on it, I've taken advantage of the free-weekend on Steam for Defiance. A cynic would say that even for free those are a lopt of hours of 'fun' you won't never get back. Basically because Defiance doesn't give anything in return for €60. (€100 with Season's Pass.)


Shared on Fri, 05/24/2013 - 13:39

Xbox One... the 180 and the 360 were obviously false starts...

I love the Xbox, aaaaaaaaaand it's gone.

I don't always play Xbox, but when I do, it's my 360.

Seriously. How stupid can people get? The 180 was the frigging answer to sugarcoated japanese moe machines, catered to the hardcore early adapter/gamer (remember that awesome splosion on boot-up?) and the 360 before NXE, with the awesome blades-interface... good times, great games.

Why would I buy a machine that isn't about gaming anymore and tries to do everything my PC does, but with more restrictions? Xbox One is the revival of the doomed Netbox. Remember that?


Shared on Thu, 05/16/2013 - 04:02

A false start, a new start and some aussie goofiness

My idea yesterday to start a true mage ended in frustration. The cut-off point in Skyrim, where you feel hopelessly underpowered for a few levels comes pretty early for a mage. I have no qualms with starting toons that have a disadvantage, as that makes Skyrim all the more enjoyable. However, I deleted my mage rather than moving her into a new direction. Six levels in Destruction and Conjuration just doesn't leave enough room for re-schooling, knowing that I only move the cut-off point into the future.


Shared on Wed, 05/15/2013 - 04:43

Alduin being his bitchy self and Fyrebrandt, who died trying to save Serana...

Alduin? Come on, you love him. The biggest and baddest Dragon in Tamriel. Also, if you've never experienced it, play the opening with headphones on and try to chase Alduin around a little. He talks and shouts in the dragontongue, but you'll never notice it without the headphones. Also, after you flee from the headsman, and follow Ralof into the tower where Ulfric is, do nothing for a while. Ulfric is a humorist of sorts.


Shared on Tue, 05/14/2013 - 04:18

Some of my Skyrim-girls that did not survive the latest modding-spree.

Hey all,

I'm getting ready to re-mod my fresh Skyrim install, but I think that I should not forget the girls that heroically braved the open road of the province.


Shared on Mon, 05/13/2013 - 19:25

Modding the shit out of Skyrim...

Hey all,

Since I have played Skyrim seriously enough, I've taken to modding the shit out of it. Most of them cosmetic towards PC and NPCs. The trouble with that is it will make the game unstable as fuck, especially because most of the newer mods, intended for 1.9 are compounds and not at all clear on what's compounded.

So I see something pretty, install it, try it, CTD. And then the search for the conflicting mods begins in a list of well over 100 mods. And then, when you sort it all out, Skyrim itself doesn't want to play ball anymore...

*facedesk, facedesk, facedesk*


Shared on Fri, 05/10/2013 - 06:32

WoW loses over a million subs, SR4 seems like Volition has learned...

Over the last three months, WoW has lost over a million subs and is now stable, it seems, at a little over 9 million players worldwide. They're expecting a further decline in their playerbase. I don't think ill of Blizzard, for a company that's given me so many hours of fun over the last 8 years, they deserve some loyalty. They're still not pulling Biowares afterall, it's not like they took a great RPG and turned it into a point&shoot with little player-choice afterall.

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