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Shared on Fri, 05/13/2016 - 12:10

Hey there

How you doing? cool


Shared on Thu, 12/08/2011 - 12:10

Need some advice

Back on the 17th of last month I had a job interview.  It went exceptionally well, to be honest.  I was there 3 and a half hours and met with the facility manager, 2 supervisors, and human resources.  The last supervisor I met with told me as we concluded our interview that "between you and me", he really liked me and thought I was a good fit for the position.  And truthfully I am a good fit for the position.  Its right up my alley from a background standpoint and it deals heavily with SAP and TMS, 2 software programs I have a great deal of experience with.


Shared on Wed, 12/07/2011 - 13:12


As of my official weigh-in on Monday, I'm 2.6 lbs short of an even 100lbs of weight loss this year.  I weighed myself today and I had actually picked up a few pounds, but I know its water.  I'll get rid of that soon enough.  


Shared on Fri, 12/02/2011 - 10:36


I was surfing youtube a bit since Polteg's blog yesterday tossed some videos out there I hadn't seen in a bit and came upon this gem. So in honor of Polteg's blog, I give you the Asshole Song:



Shared on Thu, 12/01/2011 - 19:16

Anything else?

So what else is supposed to release this year? Is there anything on the horizon for the next 30 days that deserves attention? Not that I'm getting anything else, I still have some games I haven't touched due to Skyrim. And I have some others I've barely touched due to indifference (Saints Row 3) and mediocre gameplay married to the worst career mode ever with non-functional community servers (WWE 12). Then there's the games that are out but I'm just going to have to pick up used down the line, like the new AC.


Shared on Mon, 11/28/2011 - 08:44


Wasn't going to blog just yet but I am getting sick of looking at multiple icons from the same blogger all the time, so here we go.  :)

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.  I did pretty good on the diet front, I wouldn't call what I did so much "cheating" as I would call it "eating more than normal".  And that, folks, is championship caliber rationalization.  Bask in its awesomeness for a moment.  Aaaaaah.  But in all seriousness I did pretty good, better than I figured I would, and the weigh-in this morning reflected that.


Shared on Fri, 11/25/2011 - 17:42

Just a little something

So I was surfing the net for a bit, haven't done that for a couple weeks.  Not since Skyrim came out.  Anyway...found this article online and thought it was extremely cool.  Not just because it involves Maiden, but more for the experience the kid in the video had:



Shared on Wed, 11/23/2011 - 18:26

WWE 12

Against my better judgement I picked up WWE 12 yesterday. Its not as bad as I feared, but the franchise just isn't getting any better. Lots of bugs, lots of freezing, and the worst online servers this side of EA. Don't even get me started on the horrible career mode. Be that as it may, I have a tradition that results in me at least renting each WWE game every year.


Shared on Sat, 11/19/2011 - 11:36

Pain in the...

About a week ago I noticed my right shoulder was particularly sore.  Now this is my "good" shoulder, ie the shoulder thats only had 1 surgery.  The pain was external, it wasn't in the joint itself, and for lack of a better description it felt like my side delt was twisted around the bone in that area.  There were some range of motion issues too, but that stemmed mainly from the pain and I don't believe it was anything mechanical.


Shared on Sun, 11/13/2011 - 15:06

Oh yeah...

So, like most of you I've been vacationing in Skyrim the last few days.  Pretty sure I'm going to move there permanently.  I've already had my mail forwarded and have a nice little cottage with a 2 bedroom loft and an alchemy table off the kitchen.  Its nicely located next to the mundane crafts shop, where I spend a good deal of my time working on armor and other trinkets.

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