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Sat, 04/25/2015 - 21:40
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Short and quick of it....I have no doubt the devs are working day and night on this excellent engine with tons of potential, but with no official series licenses in the plans and I no longer care for mods unless the dev team has a helping hand in it like reiza has done with multiple mods to guarantee it matches the quality of there product. As someone whos looking for an all round package there's just not enough that interests me in rf2. That being said I eagerly await isi finishing this great engine and i hope it gets marketed to a bigger developer with finances to turn it into a game rather than an engine demo :)
Sun, 04/26/2015 - 15:23
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Actually the devs are working closely with both track and car modders I know as I get to test it, indeed many are on the test team with more joining with regularity, and there is some great mod content already out there and more in the pipeline. ISI have always created rFactor as a modding platform, but rF2 has a lot more ISI created content than rF1 ever had. It's not what you are looking for true, but that does not make it a demo in fairness it appeals to many as the the sim it is. The lack of full series stuff I agree is a shame I moan all the time about the lack of BTCC stuff, that for me is all I ask for, but until the modders take it on...well I just wait. Enduracers are coming soon, and SCEX. The Palatov D4 due out soon has been made by a modder with the manufacturers and ISI on board. rF1 has been around for something like nine years and it took time to build the quality content. Same will be true for rF2. See I share most of the common frustrations, but also get a lot of fun with what is there and now understand what they are up to, they are in it for the long haul, I'm happy to be there for the ride doing what I can to help. Like I say if it is not giving you what you want...Give it time, I think and hope it will. In the meantime, feel free to mention stuff you find, I do report this stuff even if reported before and will give you some idea if it is on the long finger or closer. So things like the Clio will be sorted when they redo it, where it is on the list I don't know, they may surprise me with a quick fix they may wait if there is...for them...more important things for that guy to be doing.

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