Shared on Wed, 02/10/2016 - 15:55

Telltale games sale

Check it out, Telltale games build your own bundle.

Pick 3 and save 80% / Pick 5 and save 83% / Pick 7 or more and save 85%.

Some nice games in there.



Shared on Mon, 02/08/2016 - 09:16

GBR/2old2play Kias are back for Season 3!

After a successful outing in the very competitive Season 2 of the BSR Kia Club Series, we're excited to have another crack and see if we can defend last season's top 5 in the Team standings.  You can follow the action starting March 20 on ApexRacingTV (  The official press release on the BSR Facebook page:



Shared on Wed, 02/03/2016 - 16:12

Mad Max

If you haven`t done so already, do yourself a big favor and pick up one of the best games of 2015 (in my opinion) for €14.99


Shared on Sun, 01/31/2016 - 03:25

Pacific Majors - Round 1 (2.4hrs of Daytona)

It's that time again.  New season kicks off tonight.  Through more than a little bit of luck I've found myself qualified for the Pro grid.  Oh dear god what am I in for.  laugh

Rocking the 2o2p logo again along w/ Modelers' Alliance.  If you're bored, check it out.



Shared on Fri, 01/01/2016 - 05:05

Mountains out of anthills!

TB is going totally overboard over a minor fault in operation of Steam. I think it is great that he still works his channel even being a terminal cancer-patient, but it some point I believe he should be told (kindly) to step down and at least try to enjoy the time left granted him. There's was a time where TB was the go to for every serious PC-gamer. Now TB is just a lunatic on a soapbox of his own making. It's sad to witness and even sadder and cringeworthy to listen to. 


Shared on Sat, 12/12/2015 - 19:07

Fallout 3 for XB1


I have a code for Fallout 3 for the XB1 if anyone is interested. First come, first served.


Shared on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 00:22

Free Game: Shadow Complex!

ChAIR’s modern and masterful sidescroller has been remastered for its debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2016. Get Shadow Complex Remastered FREE on PC for a limited time via Epic Games.

Shadow Complex


Shared on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 10:48

My Book Is Out!!

Hi guys I haven't been very active around here recently and there's a good reason.

I've been working illustrating a kids book written by a friend of mine for a while and it's finally finished. We went the self-publishing route which involved fund raising and pretty much doing everything ourselves. Anyway, the hard work has paid off and the book is now available worldwide from here!

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