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Washington Redneck

So, we met with the realtor on Monday and our house officially goes on the market this the move to Washington is finally starting to happen. Been a mess at my house with trying to fix shit that has gone neglected for seven years, but it's getting done: new paint, new bathroom, and all that other shit that gets ignored when the house is a domicile and not a commodity. With any luck I'll be out of the Texas heat sometime in September! I may have to change my GT to Washington Redneck.


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Phreakingdee gets salty.

The Sims has always been about marketing. EA puts a lot of stuff up that you can either buy, or not buy. A lot of the arguments against the monetization that EA has going on is therefore one sided, narrowminded and most of all, false.


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Removing Tournaments and Adding Games

So if you take a look at the top nav bar, I've decided to do away with tournaments.  After looking at the landscape of 2o2p now compared to where it was 6 years ago, the idea of having tournaments within the site probably doesn't make a lot of sense anymore.  Most people play online against people outside of 2o2p. While I've always loved the idea of member tournaments the loss of custom games in most new releases doesn't make the idea very compelling.  


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GBR / 2o2p Williams F1 spied testing at Monza

So I told Doodi I would try to campaign some 2o2p sponsored cars at some upcoming televised events.  On of the first will be the Italian GP coming up Sept 20.  Not being very skilled in the "painting" department, I figured I would get a head start.  Never mind the fact the car is a bit of a handful to drive.  laugh


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iRacing 24 Hours of Spa - Team GoneBrokeRacing - 2o2p

7 of us will be sharing a Ford GT GT3 trying to complete a full 24 hour race.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Hour 2 Update


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Loghain's foiled again and is there anyone who can stop Majhika?

While the four friends are underway to Denerim, Loghain elevates his biggest sycophant, Randon Howe, to leader of the Denerim Guards and as a personal advisor. The obvious weasly nature of Howe makes him an unlikely ally to Loghain, but maybe Loghain thinks that dire times call for strange bedfellows or maybe Howe was best choice out of the pool of people who are still loyal to him and Loghain is making do with what he's got.

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