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2o2p Game Review | Tomb Raider

Eidos gave the gaming world a shot of adrenaline straight to the chest in 1996 when Tomb Raider released.

2o2p Game Review | Dead Space 3

Engineers are typically a nerdy bunch: they know how to use slide rules, love Linux, and use mechanical pencils.

2o2p Game Review | The Bridge

2old2play was able to get our hands the mind bending indie game The Bridge that hit the Steam store February 22nd.

2o2p Game Review | Star Wars Pinball

My 7th birthday was one I will likely always remember. I had two parties, one with my friends and then on with just my mom, dad and little sister.

2o2p Game Review | FTL: Faster Than Light

Around Christmas I started hearing a fair amount of buzz through the interwebs about this little indie game known as Faster Than Light (or FTL).

Game Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Throughout the many years of development of Aliens: Colonial Marines Gearbox VIP, Randy Pitchford, has been selling Aliens fans on his authentic Aliens experience.

2o2p Game Review | Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Released by Konami, Kojima Production and Platinum Games, Metal Gear Rising: Reveneance (February 19, 2013 for XBOX 360 and PS3) is a continuation of the Metal Gear series.

Game Review: Far Cry 3

SarcasmoJones and Shadow26inc battle for Far Cry 3 co-op supremacy...
Nothing drags a paradise vacation down quite like pirates!

Game Review: Doom 3: BFG Edition

If the Gen X gaming culture has a hero, that hero is John Carmack and id Software.

Game Review: Hitman:Absolution

Agent 47, once again voiced by David Bateson, is making it personal in the fifth installment of the legendary Hitman series from Square Enix.

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