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2o2p Game Review | Broken Age

In February 2012, Double Fine made history when they became the largest crowd funded game in Kickstarter history raising over $3.4 million dollars in just three months.

2o2p Game Review | Super League Football

2old2play scored a review copy of Zen Pinball’s latest table(s): Super League Football for the PS4.

2o2p Game Review | Dead Rising 3

Capcom doesn’t mess around when it comes to its bread and butter genre: survival horror.

2o2p Game Review | Diablo III on the Console?

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first - If you played the PC version of Diablo III then you played the ultimate version.

2o2p Game Review | Need for Speed Rivals

Welcome back to Redview County.

2o2p Game Review | The Blackwell Series

Blackwell Deception from Wadjeteye Games made headlines this fall with a Halloween promotion gone awry.

2o2p Game Review | OlliOlli

Released by indie developer roll7 exclusively for the Playstation Vita, OlliOlli, is a side scrolling skateboarding game with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

2o2p Game Review | Ryse: Son of Rome

In Ryse: Son of Rome, players are introduced to Marius Titus in epic fashion as he is guided through the dramatic last stand of Rome, fighting his way through the swarming barbarian horde

2o2p Game Review | Forza 5

There is a large, loose affiliation of gamers who meet each night, across several different online lobbies, to drive digitized representations of real life cars around digitized tracks all over the

2o2p Game Review | Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

The pirate image and legend has left an unmistakable and lasting impression on the world.

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