Game Reviews

Dying Light

 George Romero certainly did the horror world a solid when he invented the modern zombie.

Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell

 The Devil has kidnapped the President of the United States to marry off his daughter, Jezebel, to in a shotgun wedding deep in the bowels of Hell.

Zen Pinball 2: Iron and Steel Pack

 Pinball and PS4 codes?  Guess its my turn for a review!  Zen dropped their latest two pack of tables dubbed Iron & Steel which features two Zen originals.

A Druids Duel

 Do you like strategy games? Do you like turn based strategy games? Do you remember a game called “Battle Chess”? How about the game Civilization? Risk?

2O2P Game Review: Far Cry 4

 Ubisoft is on the ropes in 2014. Last year, Ubi had two games that nearly made our GOTY list: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and AC IV: Black Flag.

2O2P Game Review: Elegy for a Dead World

 When you enter this game, you are dumped unceremoniously into a star and cloud-filled void. You are given no context,no prompts, no direction.

2O2P Double Review:Zen Venom and Rollers of the Realm

 2014 has been a  great year for lovers of video pinball.

2O2P Game Review: Assassins Creed Unity

 The  Assassin’s Creed series has taken players to some amazing places during their most interesting times in history.

2O2P Game Review: COD Advanced Warfare

 I’m not much for war shooters. They all kinda blend together for me. Cartoonish villains, explodey set pieces, intensity, tropey setbacks: the works. They bank on the predictability of it all.

2O2P Game Review:Sunset Overdrive

 Xbox gamers have been deprived of more than a few Sony exclusives: Uncharted, God of War, The Last of Us, Heavenly Sword, and anything bearing the Insomniac badge of gaming goodness.

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