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Get your Wii U games on: Launch titles in review

For those of you that picked up a Wii U we have some info on which launch titles are worth checking out. Read on for reviews of New Super Mario Bros.

Game Review: Dishonored

Arkane Studios has enjoyed its fair share of the ups and downs of game development since its founding in 1999.

The Legend of Fat Ninja

The Legend of Fat Ninja is one of the latest character tossing games to hit the app market. Is it a recipe for success?

Game Review: Forza Horizon

The 2Old4Forza clan spent the last several months speculating about Forza Horizon.

Game Review: Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Doodi and LB asked the question “are gamers better off now than we were fifteen years ago” during last week’s Thick and Thin.

Game Review: Dance Central 3

Dance Central 3, developed by Harmonix, hits stores Tuesday, October 16th, but here at 2old2play we were able to get our hands on a copy this past weekend.  I literally danced my ass off thanks to

Forza Car Pack Duel - August vs September

All car packs are not created equal. The strength and appeal of a car pack is dependant on several factors. Are the cars driveable?

Borderlands 2: 2old2play Community Review

Instead of a rushed review, we're taking the time to actually play Borderlands 2 before putting pen-to-pad.

Bastion Review (iPad)

The world has been devastated by a mysterious event known as the Calamity, it is now up a seemingly lone survivor, The Kid, to rebuild the Bastion, a sanctuary free of evil creatures, and restore h

The Whiterun Times: Hearthfire Special Edition

Hearthfire, the latest DLC from the RPG masters at Bethesda, allows players to customize their Skyrim experience by designing and building their own houses for their spouse and ad

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