Sorta new around here, but I am looking for some older gamers wanting to play other older gamers in my Madden CFM

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Sorta new around here, but I am looking for some older gamers wanting to play other older gamers in my Madden CFM

The story behind the MLB on FOX: Rosters & Online Franchise

The reason I love baseball is probably the same as any other baseball fanatic, but I have a good story behind why I love the game and why I'm so passionate about it.

Me and my brother always played video games from Atari all the way up to dream-cast. My mom worked for Holiday inn for 20 something years my brother was 8 years older than me, but he had epilepsy and someone had to be home with him. So that person was me. Although my brother had epilepsy and was border line mentally challenged he was a walking genius. He could answer any sport question you gave him, any stat, any record, he knew it all. To make a long story short we would sit in front of the TV for hours playing video games. I was probably in my teen age years - early twenties we played a lot of baseball games like World Series on Sega, Ken Griffey Jr, (Yes we did play lots of football as well, Madden, Quarterback Club and the 2k Football on Dreamcast) but we fell in love with ALL STAR BASEBALL at the time on Nintendo 64 and I half to tell you when I first started playing I didn't know a lot about the players etc etc...but as we played year after year I begin to learn the game and learn the sport inside and out. We had so much fun together playing game after game using the Houston Astros of course.

My brother loved his hometown teams and so do I, I can remember when the Astros were opening there new stadium (Minute Maid Park) from playing so many years in the Astrodome and my brother was so excited to go, but before the season began my brother passed away March 25, 2000 and we never got to take him. It took me a long time to pick up a controller and play these video games again as it always reminded me of him. As time went on the pain of losing my brother got a little easier but still found myself missing him everyday. I made it a dream/promise and a real passion to play a full baseball season in memory of him. I know my brother is up in heaven and looking down proud of where these games have gone and I wish he was down here to enjoy MLB THE SHOW series with me.

I know this was probably a lot to read, but this is what baseball means to me and the real reason I choose to do this online franchise and my rosters. I am not a professional baseball player and never was, I spent my teenage and young adult years playing baseball games with my brother although he is no longer with me I can still play this game in memory of him and feel like he is still sitting right next to me.

I just love everything there is about baseball from the stadiums, the players, the stats and the fans all around the country and I have my brother to thank for all those games we played, all those games we watched in person or on TV.

Glad to share the story and the real reason behind my MLB on FOX: Online Franchise and Rosters. This is why I love baseball so much and maybe there are others out there with a similar experience.


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