New Releases: Week of November 21st, 2021

Coffee Memoirs:   Thanksgiving special edition it is!  My turkey has been cooked in an oh shit kind of way far too many times but I have never cooked a turkey and neither has my wife.  There are so many ways you can screw up a turkey or just mess something up.  My go to thought is Chevy Chase cutting into a turkey and it being so dry it splits open like an alien Predator’s mouth.  Could burn it or make the mistake of putting a frozen turkey into a deep fryer to try to save some time and end up horribly disfigured by scalding hot oil.  Turkey noobs could forget or not know there is a bag with a neck, liver and turkey heart in there.  (That one is great fun, my Aunt did that on her first turkey cook for the whole family and it was quite entertaining!)  Also, if the stuffing turns out bad… that is the worst tragedy of all.

This year… I WILL, Cook, my own Turkey!  Hopefully without being in trouble.  I am sure it’s quite easy… right?  1) Thaw it in advance.  2) Spatchcock it (that sounds dirty)  and take out the internals.  3)  Put it in the smoker with a good dry rub and herbs.  4)  Jam a probe in it like aliens do to a crazy person but use a temp probe instead.  (Huh, maybe aliens are still trying to figure out cooking?  At least a turkey sounds like tasty experimentation.)  5)  Crack open a cold beer or pour yourself a whiskey to pass the time.

GAMES - Since this is what we are here for.  Halo Infinite released free multiplayer ahead of its campaign which is on pre-sale and drops December 8.  Battlefield 2042 and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl also just dropped… perfect timing to vie for the titles of hottest games for the Christmas season.  Gaming PC’s and new game consoles suffering from shortages and scalpers having their way so get ready to spend those fat stacks if you haven’t already! 

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Notable Titles:
December 21
Re:Legend –  PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – Game is already out on Steam and was originally released in 2019.
December 23
Death’s Door –  PS4, PS5, Switch – Aready out for Xbox consoles.


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