New Releases: Week of May 3rd, 2020

Coffee Memoirs:  Quarantine got you down?  It is Spaceballs week, err… Star Wars week, so pull out your favorite Star Wars games and force choke some enemies for stress relief.  Don’t have a good force choker?  Steam has some amazing deals going on right now.  40-80% off, including Fallen Order for all you hold outs, myself included!  Get over to Steam or the other sales fast.  Lightspeed is too slow, we’ll have to go right to ludicrous speed.  If you didn’t know… Spaceballs is chalk full of Star Wars parody to brighten your day and I wish they would’ve made more.  If you are looking for a pick me up, I recommend watching it or maybe a dark side play through on a Star Wars game.  Evil will always triumph because good is dumb. 


John Wick Hex
Release Date:
May 5, 2020
Platforms: PS4, (PC is already available)

John Wick is the non-Star Wars universe version of a Jedi with no GAF’s about killing as needed.  Listed as an action, strategy game the aesthetics look more like a comic book.  They never should have messed with his dog.



Void Bastards
Release Date:
May 7, 2020
Platforms: PS4, Switch (PC and Xbox is already available)

Very cool art style and loot to live mechanics make this fps style game quite engaging.  You will collect food, fuel and other resources to allow you to exist.  Move on to the next location and search for upgrades to increase your survivability as you will encounter more difficult scenarios.  If you die… no worries, they have a steady stream of replacements to be the new you.




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