New Releases: Week of May 22nd, 2022


Coming to the end of May we have a wide variety of titles coming your way. Snipers, samurai, simians (OK really the game is about a kangaroo), and some clever word for a Pac-Man game that also begins with S…


Touken Ranbu Warriors

Release Date: May 23, 2022

Platforms: PC, NS 


This action game is a collaboration between Spirit of Blades and Touken Ranbu-ONLINE as well as 1 vs. 1000 WARRIORS from the KOEI TECMO GAMES. I’m not sure what’s up with the weird caps but that’s how the game is listed on Steam so I’m going with it.


Sniper Elite 5

Release Date: May 26, 2022

Platforms: PC, PS4/5, XBO/X/S 

The third person tactical stealth shooter is back to a PC or console near you. The single player campaign can be played cooperatively with another player, which would cease to make it single player no?


Kao the Kangaroo

Release Date: May 27, 2022

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, XBO/X/S, NS 

This is a 20 year old 3D platform franchise I completely missed. You play as Kao along with some other anthropomorphic friends boxing your way to finding your sister and the secret of your long lost father (I guess your sister is only short lost?). Also apparently there’s a monkey in the game so I’m sold!


Pac-Man Museum +

Release Date: May 27, 2022

Platforms: PC,NS, PS4, XBO 

Interesting that Capcom only went last gen on this one, especially since it's an update to the 2014 Pac-Man Museum. It features 14 games with their original contents plus bonus missions.  There is also a mode to create and decorate your own old school arcade. I wonder if you canl get the Baby Pac-Man pinball machine.


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