New Releases: Week of March 31st, 2019

Hey everyone! I am filling in for the amazing ErinAS this week as she is/was having a blast at PAX East this weekend! I am totally jealous right now and only wish I could go to PAX Prime in Seattle (way closer to me) one day. However it always seems to fall on the September long weekend. That weekend is not only my mother in laws birthday but also Mrs. Soup's as well. So yeah...not happening. Anyway, ErinAS usually gives us a run down of the panels she attended and things and games she saw so we can look forward to that soon-ish. What we cannot look forward to is the new releases for this week. It is the Serengeti out there this week and looking ahead, next week is not much better. There is only one new release and it's a Power Rangers game for the PS4 and I am not going to give it any real attention other than that little mention. I do need to tell you that I broke down this weekend. I am not proud of myself for spending money on something I really don't need and only sort of want. The youngest souplet has been begging for a PS4 for a while now and to be honest I really want to play Spiderman but not enough to pay full price for the console. I have been lurking on BestBuy's second hand site for a while and found one for $150. It's 1st gen, refurbished and didn't come with a controller. However the same console from EB/Gamestop was $300 (w/controller) so I traded in Kingdom Hearts III and paid another 20$ for the gamepad. I held it in my hand for five minutes and already my hand was cramping up. What is it with this damn controller and my hands? I have no problems with any of the Nintendo or Xbox controllers but the Playstation ones hurt me. Oh and while I am complaining, I want to state my opinion about non removable rechargeable batteries. Dumbest...idea...ever. They go dead and...well...your kinda fucked unless you shell out for a 10' cable or play with a battery pack sitting beside you. Sounds easy enough I know but I can't tell you how much easier it is to swap in some AA batteries. I have a few sets of the Eneloops and they last and last and last. When they die, I swap them out, charge up the old set and away I go. In fact I would need a 15' cable for my basement setup for the PS controller and I think that is just dumb. I apologize for the rant, that's enough hatred sent Sony's way for now. I know the PS4 fanboys will get their feathers ruffled over that but get over yourselves. You feel the same way about the Xbox controllers...I know you do....and that's ok. I will put it to you this way. I have covered enough E3's to tell you that, with the exception of Spiderman, there is nothing in Sony's exclusive catalog that speaks to me in this generation or since the original PSONE launched. I cannot say the same about Xbox or Nintendo. If there are games that you are dying to play, I am just happy you get to play them on your console of choice. If there aren't games on other platforms that speak to you then what does it matter? It doesn't, what does matter is we love to play games for many different reasons and the endlessly varied experiences we discover! I love video games, I love this industry and I am excited to watch and see what is always on the horizon. Right now I have to end this segment, make some dinner and plan out a KH3 plus a couple other reviews for this week. Cheers everyone!

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