New Releases: Week of July 14th, 2019

Up here in Calgary we have a 107 year old tradition. For 10 days the city goes back to its wild west roots and pretends to be cowfolk. Its The Calgary Stampede - The Greatest Show on earth. Rodeo's, Chuck wagon's, Midway, more Bar-B-Que than you can shake a stick at and food you have never eaten nor even dreamed of eating. Also drinking...lots and lots of drinking. There are free concerts every night and not just country music. In fact Death Cab for Cutie is closing the show at the Coca-Cola Stage. Its an outdoor stage at one end of the park and if you can walk there and find a place to stand you can watch and listen. On average around 120,000 folks of all ages go through the gates every day for a total of around 1.2 million visitors. 

Why am I giving you this information? It has nothing to do with video games! You're right but I am upping my word count as there is only one game being released this week.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: July 19th, 2019

Thirteen years ago we were blessed with one of the better Marvel games. Marvel Ultimate Alliance was released back in 2006 some three years before the first Iron Man movie. Marvel was in dire straights and needed to make money. They had sold rights to Spiderman, the X-men and fantastic four and still hurting. Fast forward thirteen years and Marvel is now owned by Disney and has taken over cinemas around the world raking in almost 10 billion dollars! We have seen a major cash in on the Marvel brand on Mobile and they brought back Marvel vs. Capcom to the delight of many but what I always was looking for was Ultimate Alliance 3. This week my wish comes true and thankfully I have a Nintendo Switch as for some reason MUA3 is not being released on any other platform. If I didn't already have a Switch, I may have had to pick up a Switch Lite as well. That would have set me back a few weeks but luckily...I'm set!

The Black Order does not follow any events from the last two games and is set in its own universe because comics LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE multiverse's. The multiverse is the de facto get out of jail free card. Love it or hate, its here to stay so you might as well just accept that there are thousands of spider people, hulks, Storm's, etc because these are comic book superheroes and stop, for the love of Stan Lee, trying to relate it in any way shape or form back to real life!


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