New Releases: Week of February 9th, 2020


Welcome back to my (Coffee’s) 2nd post.  With Valentine’s day this week, you have the perfect excuse to ask for “THAT game” that you have been wanting for a while.  Don’t be shy about it, ask and ye shall receive right?  Say you got her something real nice first and then drop a big hint!  The delivery of this is very important I must add.
If this idea fails…start working on the doghouse to upgrade your future accommodations. 

Yakuza 5 (Remastered)
Release Date:
February 11th, 2020
Platforms: PS4

Yakuza fans REJOICE!  Remastered Yakuza 5 game with multiple story arcs.  Full of the angry shouting in Japanese you have come to expect, fun mini games and outrageous battles.  I wouldn’t expect anything new but if you haven’t played it, now may be a good time to give it a shot.  (Action-Adventure Genre)

Azur Lane: Crosswave
Release Date:
February 13th, 2020
Platforms: PC, PS4

Naval ships personified as waifu’s.  Third-person shooter at sea in a 3D world in an alternate timeline.  Collect them, upgrade them and go to war with them.  (Upgrade weapons and gear, a little clarification there… They release just in time to capture your heart if you are single.  Couldn’t resist, lol.)

Darksiders Genesis
Release Date:
February 14th, 2020
Platforms: SWITCH, PS4, XBOX ONE (Already on PC)

Hack and slash as Strife or War of the “Four horsemen”.  Play co-op!  Go to Hell and back for Valentines day.  This would not be a bad date despite the sounds of it.

Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold
Release Date:
February 14th, 2020
Platforms: SWITCH

Nintendo dipping their toes into the dungeon looter genre.  I have included a preview video under the trailer to let you make up your own minds.

Best of luck this week to everyone with trying to stay out of the doghouse when it comes to Valentine’s day and if one of these games strikes your fancy… its better easier to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.  Cheers!

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