New Releases: Week of February 28th, 2021

Anyone in the 2o2p community a leap year baby? I don't know why I am asking the question but as I typed the header out for this week the thought popped into my head. Other random thoughts of the moment are:

  • I suck at typing
  • I really should have taken that typing course in high school.
  • Why do most typing tutors suck?
  • I should see if I can find another copy of Typing of the Dead...
  • That was actually a pretty fun typing game. All the characters had Sega Dreamcast's on their backs and keyboards in front of them.
  • Anyone else remember that? No? Just me?
  • I am tempering my excitement regarding a new Lucasfilm Games studio. I hope it doesn't focus on all Star Wars but explores other games as the old LucasArts did. Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, etc...
  • Anyone have Stadia? I don't know anyone that has it but my circle of friends is very small. I think Google is struggling with it. All platforms need a killer app. The OG Xbox struggled but Halo and the Ethernet port ushered in a whole new era. Stadia doesn't have anything "new" or an exclusive that everyone needs to play.

Looking at this weeks list I have come to the realization that the Nintendo Switch is Switzerland of the video game platforms. Sure it has it's own games but re-releases of games from other platforms end up on it. Microsoft has games for the Xbox platform and Switch (ok a couple on PS as well...but bear with me), old Vita games are getting re-released on the switch and PS4. New games for PS4 tend to get released on the Switch as well. Kinda cool if you own a Switch (or a reason to buy one) to be honest.

Last note - a while back I said I would focus on new games not re-releases or enhanced editions. I am trying to stick to that so that's why this list is so short this week.


Harvest Moon: One World
Release Date:
March 2nd, 2021
Platforms: PS4, Switch

You got your anime in my farming simulator! You got your farming sim in my anime! I think that pretty much sums this game up.

Yup...that is the only new, non re-released, or enhanced or redux or jumbo edition game this week. I complain a lot about this kind of thing but then what do I do? I waste 12 hours or so in Destiny 2 this week trying to get all the seasonal bounties! What this means is I am the one to blame, along with the millions of us to play one game for hours upon hours. Why invest in something new? Why not just rehash and update something that works? Hell, the entertainment industry did that for decades before video games came along.

Oh well, if you are interested here are those re-released, enhanced, directors cut, redux, jumbo editions.

March 2nd
Yakuza like a Dragon - PS5

March 4th
Air Nosurge DX - PC, PS4, Switch
Ciel Nosurge DX - PC, PS4, Switch
Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition - PS5, Xbox One X/S
Sea of Solitude: Directors Cut - Switch

March 5th
Postal Redux - PS4
Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition

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