New Releases: Week of December 20th, 2020

Coffee Memoirs:  All I wanted for Christmas was not my two front teeth.  They used to make us sing to the parents and we all HATED IT.  The kids this year are kind of lucky if only for the reason they can forgo this timeless act of children pony show.  The camera flashes were constant, the lights were hot and bright.  You could also count on at least 1 kid fainting, puking or just falling of the stage.  If you had trifecta of the three… you were probably good for the night at that point.  As fun as it was to sing Batman smells we are almost all fans now and we wonder if the kids even know about that song these days.
What kind of gifts were the OMG YESSSS! of yester years?  As a kid GI JOE, Transformers and Heman reigned supreme before the video game consoles took over like a communist regime that we all love but without the threat to family and friends.  Girls had their Barbie and then Shera came along, and brothers didn’t want to play with their sisters so Heman went to the wayside.  Dads must have thought Moms wanted a new apron or vacuum to do their daily chores or maybe something sexy.  Why, because men had perceptions of the world that don’t align to today.  Some Dads were all about tools and it had to be quality American made tools, so Craftsmen USED to be a thing.  Even today useful hand tools are a thing at our white elephant Christmas gifting and somehow its hard to have enough tape measures.

Intellivision was our first console love and hate relationship in our household.  Kids loved it and parents quickly hated it.  It was a Christmas miracle that ended in blows being traded back and forth by siblings.  Between that and Nintendo we spent more time without a video game system then with.  When Windows finally became a thing, it wasn’t long till we… or at least I was breaking it and learning how to reload an OS from diskettes.  Father was not happy.  It was an educational tool for writing reports or the cd version of encyclopedia Britannica for homework … bah humbug.  It wasn’t long till we started finding Wolfenstein or Doom and the first edition of Civilization.

Anyhow the next degenerate version of Coffee Memoirs will continue in 2021 and congrats when you pass level 2020!  Hopefully, there are no final bosses.

Double Dragon Neon
Release Date:
December 21, 2020
Platforms: Switch

Double Dragon 2 was a favorite of mine, its simplicity and gameplay was beautiful.  They stole our girls and must get them back and it is the same thing all over again except with graphics that enhance our lady friends.

Override 2: Super Mech League
Release Date:
December 22, 2020
Platforms: PC, XBO, XSX, PS4, PS5, Switch

Big robot battle royal.  Ultraman, something that looks like Mecha Godzilla and maybe other sus characters.  Think of it like Pacific Rim fighting in the city robot vs robot.  Single player and multiplayer campaigns for up to 4 players locally or a career and arena action.

A few other game shoutouts:
December 23
Super Meat Boy Forever – PC, Switch - Because its Christmas almost I wont comment on the title, never mind … I just did.
Who’s Your Daddy? – PC, Mac, XBO – Yes, this is the title.  
December 24
Earth Defense Force: World Brothers – PS4, Switch – Finally something with a title I can’t knock!
December 26
The Hong Kong Massacre – Switch

And that’s it!  Survive to 2021!

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