New Releases: Week of August 2nd, 2020

Welcome to the "Chunky is taking full advantage of the Canadian long weeked so here is an early Friday edition of the New Releases"! Weird left field pivot here but my Canadian reference reminded me of soemthing. Did anyone else watch the SpaceX launch with Bob and Doug? All I could think about are these two hosers the whole time and I went down a deep SCTV rabbit hole for a few days doing nothign but giggling my ass off.

Anyway, you are not here to listen to me wax nostalgic over early 80's Canadian sketch comedy TV shows so lets get on with the games!


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Release Date:
August 4th, 2020
Platforms: PC, PS4

Devolver Digital has been releasing some interesting games as of late and Full Guys Ultimate Knockout fits that same bill. Taking a look at the trailer I have come to the conclusion that Fall Guys is a battle royale mixed with MXC (way better than Wipeout IMHO). All it is missing is some overdubs by Kenney Blakenship and Vic Ramano! 


Fast and Furious Crossroads
Release Date
: August 7th, 2020
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Do you remember last years E3? Do you remember Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez getting up on Stage to annouce this? Do you remember thinking I would have loved to play this PS2 game like 15 years ago when F&F was relavent? too. Confession time "I still watch the F&F movies and love turning my brain off and watching things explode. I just wish it went back to being about cars and racing and less gadgety 70's, 80's James bond stuff." If Dom goes to the space station to steal something I'm out. That shit will have officialy gone too far. I will admit the graphics have gotten better than what I remember but not that much better which is rather disappointing especially given that Slightly Mad Studios is a division of Codemasters. Maybe once its free on PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass it will be worth playing.


Horizon Zero Dawn
Release Date
: August 7th, 2020
Platforms: PC

If you missed Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4, then now is you chance to play it on PC. I have HZD on my PS4, but I have mentioned many times the barrier to me playing on that system is the controller size, layout and, most of all, the dumb ass rechargeable batteries inside it. Nearly everytime I go to play it the batteries are dead. So I plug it in and walk away. Get a second controller you say! Nope. I am not giving Sony any more of my money. That touchpad is dumb idea as well. I keep accidentally hitting it and Spiderman does shit I don't want him to do or I somehow manage to click it in the middle of a fight and it pauses it to bring up a menu...NOOOOOO! Enough of me bitching about PlayStation. I do want to play HZD so maybe PC is the platform that I should use. It looks fantastic and even though HZD is 3 years old...a good game is still a good game.

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