New Releases: Week of August 19, 2018


This week “new” releases go retro. We’ve got some classics coming to modern consoles and one that’s actually shipping on a cartridge! Also what looks to be the most 90s video game ever! And chickens!


Guacamelee! 2

Release Date: August 21, 2018

Platforms: PS4, PC  


The the definitive Mexican-Folklore-Inspired-Luchador-Platform-Brawler-Metroidvania is back in this sequel to the popular indie game. It features hand drawn levels and 300% more chickens!


Return of Double Dragon

Release Date: August 21, 2018

Platforms: SNES


That’s not a typo. This game is actually coming out for the Super Nintendo, like on a legit cartridge and everything! Available for the system in Japan this one never made its way to the US.  Now there’s a 2 player version ready for action if you’ve still got a functional SNES and $50!


F1 2018

Release Date: August 24, 2018

Platforms: PC, Mobile, XBOne, PS4


This is a realistic racing sim complete with having to be interviewed by the media. The 2018 version simplifies vehicle development and features the venues in this year’s actual racing circuit.


Little Dragons Cafe

Release Date: August 24, 2018

Platforms: PS4, NS


Designed by Yasuhri Wada of Harvest Moon fame this is a cute cafe simulator. You play as twins that need to learn to cook, run a business, and dragon wrangle to save their mom.


Night Trap-25th Anniversary Edition

Release Date: August 24, 2018

Platforms: NS


Technically it's been 26 years since the original Sega CD title released in 1992. This was released for PC last year and is coming to Switch this week. It looks like a campy 90s time capsule that I will need to check out!  Any 2old2players play this on SegaCD?


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