New Releases: Week of April 25th, 2021

Coffee Memoirs:   So… 4-20…-21, already got puffed and passed.  Time feels stagnate but fleeting and meaning in the day to day lost like socks in the wash.  I came to be witty and drink alcohol and I am all out of both right now.

What am I playing – Still playing MechWarrior Online.  Lots of changes happening right now.  Developers are listening to the community and patching weapons, agility changes are coming.  Map spawn points are getting fixed, map edits are coming, and players are returning from years of being away.  Events with free mechs, HUGE discounts on individual and pack mechs… great time to be a returning player or just check out the game for the first time.  Especially if you are a fan of the BattleTech universe.  Lets keep it big and stompy!


New Pokémon Snap
Release Date: April 30, 2021
Platforms: Switch

A game that revolves around taking pictures of Pokémon and being able to print those pictures off.  But wait… Blockbusters are no longer around offering printer stations like they did with the N64 back in the day.  Well, Nintendo has brought a partner device to the forefront just for that task.  A miniature printer called Instax by Fujifilm.  Basically a $100 printer that you can buy $13 film packs to reload it with for 20 pictures.  Also compatible with your phone.


Release Date: April 30, 2021
Platforms: PS5

Third person shooter with an aspect of horror/mystery perhaps?  If I went to a big city and forgot where I parked, I imagine I would feel great distress.  I think that is what the main character of this game is feeling too.

Other notable titles:

April 27
Death end re;Quest – Switch, Anime roleplay

April 28
Genshin Impact – PS5, already available on PC, PS4, Android

April 29
Total War: Rome Remastered – PC

April 30
R-Type Final 2 – PC, PS4, XBO, XBX, Switch
Terminator: Resistance Enhanced – PS5, already available on older systems.

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