New Releases: Week of April 12th, 2020

Coffee Memoirs:
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. A lot of us now have time coming out of the wazoo. Feels like “Father Time” has taken a dump on us and hasn’t gotten off the porcelain yet, but how are we spending this time? Lots of coffee drinking, a decent amount of alcohol and games. Lots of glorious games to numb the social pain.

The games releasing this week don’t have bunny rabbits to celebrate Easter and the Governor in my state declared the Easter bunny as an “essential worker” even though he is a lazy bum and only works one day a year... the above picture is you visiting the bunny on any other regular day. Said bunny, will not be visiting my home but Tiny Tina from the Borderlands series probably will be. So, to entertain you I have brought the best of Tiny Tina from the rabbit hole we also call Youtube, just for you.
PS. If you like Borderlands 3 and want to play CO-OP? Like this post on Facebook and comment so I can add you on PC or Xbox because I have both.

Space Engineers
Release Date:
April 15, 2020
Platforms: Xbox One, (PC aka Steam, already available)

Space isn’t for the faint of heart. No little bitches need apply. This is for all you eggheads and wannabe Martian looking m’fers out there! Build it, engineer it, be smarter than your enemies and think outside the box to stand out in this game. You screw something up and roll your huge rover over… you better be prepared to figure out your engineering method to have it rolled back upright. There is no Master Chief to flip it back over for you here. Be prepared to meet the challenges involved in everyday survival against the elements and even more formidably… other humans.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York
Release Date:
April 15, 2020
Platforms: Xbox One

I am pretty sure I have seen this already for another system. Yup, PC and Switch. It looks a lot like a choose your own adventure for being a fledgling vampire. Let’s ask some questions, do you like choose your own adventure stories? Do you like vampires and drinking blood? Vampire lore? Those are the checkboxes here. Decide for yourself mortal. to watch gameplay by a girl who sounds a bit like a vampire.

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