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Thick and Thin Ep8: The Future of Gaming

This week we change up our format and decide ask the community what they think about the current state of gaming and the lack of new blockbuster IPs. 

Can a new IP be successful like Halo 1 was on the Xbox or are we destine to live in a world of sequels, remakes, and repeats. Where would this new game come from and what genre will it be?

We'd love to hear some of your own ideas in the comments below. Also, if you like the show, PLEASE don't forget to subscribe!

Thick and Thin Ep7: Man Down!

This week we discuss the Chicago Lan, remind viewers of our BF3 playdate with PMS, talk about legacy, and review this week in game releases!

Thick and Thin Ep6: Streaming Streams

This week we discuss how to administer groups on V3, announce our BF3 playdate with PMS, and talk about this week in game releases!

Thick and Thin Ep5: Tastes like success

This week we do a post-mortem of V3 and our most glaring issue going forward, but also  find some time to talk about new game releases, the upcoming Halo 4, and our current issues with gaming.

Don't forget that we go live every Tuesday at 3:30pm Central! Please remember to follow us on Twitch and stay tuned for our next live show on 2o2p!

Thick and Thin Ep2: We'll do it LIVE!

This week the dynamic duo discuss 2old2plays new content team, Live steaming, the Chicago Lan, V3 and a new web site launching for 2old2play members! Learn how you can be an even bigger part of 2old2play!

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