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Thick & Thin Episode 31: Steams Big Picture

This week we took the time to analyze Valves beta release of The Big Picture UI for the PC and what this could mean for gaming in the future. Could we see a Netflix like movement onto all platforms? What does this mean for closed systems like the Xbox Live platform?  Tune in and find out!

On a side note, we did have another Episode 31 this past week, but the sound didn't turn out very well so we decided not to put it up.  As always you can catch that show and others on our Twitch TV channel while they remain available.  Don't forget to subscribe to Twitch TV and our Youtube channel.  

We're always looking for guests for the show so if you have something interesting to say, have an idea for a topic, or just want to be e-famous, drop us a line on twitter @doodirock or send us a PM on the site.  

Thick & Thin Episode 30: Halo 4 Hands On

In this episode we focus on Hitman's first hand experience playing Halo 4 at the Fan Expo in Toronto Canada. We use the entire hour to dive into all aspects of game play including weapons, play style, maps, jumping, and over all feel. Don't miss this jam packed episode as we uncover only a small fraction of what Halo 4 multiplayer might be like.

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Thick & Thin Episode 29: Limited Edition

In this episode we focus the industry standard of selling Limited Edition copies and how it affects the consumer. Are these packages really "limited" anymore? How do these limited editions alter the content that gamers receive for a normal pricing structure?

Thick & Thin Episode 28: The Purpose of Clans

This week the gang goes over the history of clans in past, present, and future. The show focuses on why gamers need clans, what they can do without them, and how the gaming landscape has changed the way we utilize clans as gamers today.

Also in this episode:

  1. Black Op: II and the move to E-sports
  2. Chicago LAN Announcements
  3. Halo Play Dates with Deep NNN
  4. And More!

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Thick & Thin Episode 27: Natural Selection 2

In one of our best episodes to date, we brought on special guest Hugh Jeremy of Unknown Worlds Entertainment to talk about their upcoming game; Natural Selection 2 for the PC. As an 8 man team, UWE has created an ambitious project lead by enthusiastic and passionate developers.

If you didn't know already, Natural Selection 2 is an immersive, multiplayer shooter that pits aliens against humans in a strategic and action-packed struggle for survival. It seamlessly combines a shooter/FPS gameplay with a strategy (RTS) game. Listen in to what makes them so special and why a games like NS2 are changing the way we think about genres.

For more information about Natural Selection 2 check out  You can also follow them on twitter over at @NS2.

Thick & Thin Episode 26: Girls in Video Games

This episode we dive into the world of women in video games with the help of our very own Editor-in-Chief, ElektraFi. The topic covers advertising, gender perceptions, lack of female leads, and more. Is it even possible for us to get in touch with our female side? Watch to find out.

Also, don't forget that next week we will have Hugh Jeremy on the show from the game Natural Selection 2 to talk about asynchronistic gaming and it's rise in the gaming genre.  Come visit us in chat and bring your questions!

Thick & Thin Episode 25: Live with Gunnar Optiks!

Check out this truly amazing show with special guest FDC_Midnight from Gunnar Optiks as we talk about the world of hardware peripherals and game enhancements.  Learn about Gunnar's history as well as our thoughts on Headsets, Pro-controllers, and add-ons.  

Also, don't forget that Gunnar is running a 20% off promo for 2old2play on our forums for members.  If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here and we'll make sure Gunnar checks them out!

Thick & Thin Episode 24: Chicago LAN and Halo 4 Announcement!

After nearly 2 years the Chicago LAN is back and slated to be only 2 days after Halo 4's release! Tune in to learn more about the LAN and how 2old2play is going back to the game that started it all. Save the date people!

We also take some time out to talk about our next show with Gunnar Marketing Manager FDC_Midnight as we talk about the future of game enhancements in the industry. Lastly the crew talks over the possible buy out of Vivendi games and what that might mean for Bungie's contract with Activision.

This EP is truly PACKED full of information.

Thick & Thin Episode 23: How Big can Esports Get?

This week we tackle the topic of Esports and pose the question, How Big can Esports Get? With the growth of MLG and fan favorites like League of Legends, Star Craft 2, and SSB will the Western world ever see Esports on the level of Korea?

We also take some time out to go over the new OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console aimed at changing the market place with a cheap, open source solution. Could the little console take on the big boys?

Thick & Thin Episode 22: Is Cloud Gaming the Future?

In what is one of our best episode to date, the boys discuss the recent buy-out of the Gaikai online streaming service by Sony. We pose the question, "Will the next generation of games be streamed?"

We also go in depth on the future of Halo, early game reviews, Gunnar glasses, and the communities reaction to weekend's past playdates. Don't forget to subscribe, comment, and like!!/2old2play

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