TITANFALL Map - IMC Rising: Backwater

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TITANFALL Map - IMC Rising: Backwater


IMC Rising: Backwater


"High in the mountains, ex-IMC pilot Barker and his fellow colonists have made a comfortable living by producing moonshine in this hidden bootlegging colony."

Here is the top down map for Backwater.

Backwater is defined by its elevation changes. The rice paddies give Titans room to dash and duel in open fields, but gaining the high ground in the center of the map is often the superior tactical option.

Meanwhile, Pilots can travel underground through grain storage facilities to escape Titans and move from hardpoint to hardpoint. The Pilot spaces were designed to be simple and compact, keeping the action fast and constant.

Ziplines are used to allow Pilots to cross “no-man’s land” from building to building. “No-man’s land” is a term we use to describe larger areas without cover between 2 lines of combat, with the intention of keeping players fighting from designed strongholds until it’s time to push forward.

The original concept was based around some early concepts for Titanfall that we never completed - the rice paddies. Early Respawn fans may recognize the first concept art we ever released, starring the infamous Nessie (Roger), as inspiration for Backwater.


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