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Community review codes

Alright, here are a few rules we need to abide by:

Watch the trailer of the game before asking for the codes. Don't be greedy and only ask for the ones you want to play.

Read my Do's and Don'ts list in my first This week in Gaming post.

PM me for the code and any other info we can't share with the general community. Sometimes there is some good stuff we can share with you.

Write your review for the 2old2play community!

First game up is Nom Nom Galaxy. Here is the info.

To develop a galactic soup empire, players explore dangerous distant planets to gather soup ingredients and create factories designed to cook and deliver their mouthwatering concoctions to hungry aliens across the galaxy. The interstellar soup industry is highly competitive, so players also must build defenses on their soup factories to ward off attacks from cutthroat rival soup companies.

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