Sunday Tourney Dec. 14 - Wedge Colors

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Sunday Tourney Dec. 14 - Wedge Colors

This Sunday's format is inspired by the Khans of Tarkir wedge clans, but you can use cards from any set you like. This latest set does have inexpensive land and artifact cards that would help fix your mana. So, pick one of these color combos (clan names are just for fun):

WBG - The Abzan Houses    
URW - The Jeskai Way
BGU - The Sultai Brood
RWB - The Mardu Horde    
GUR - The Temur Frontier

and build your decks so that for each of the three colors, you have at least 10 cards with that mana symbol in the casting cost. You can not have non-land cards with colors other than the three of your clan, so decks can have no more than three colors. This restriction does not apply to land cards, so you could play a 5-color land card if you wanted. There are no other restrictions.    

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