Scrap Part locations - ACV

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Scrap Part locations - ACV

Mission 00:
Scrap A: When you get the mission to attack the transport helicopters, there will be a helicopter at a helipad next to a highway overpass. Scrap A is right next to this helipad. It is NOT the garage helipad.
Scrap B: From Scrap A, turn toward the overpass. There should be a wreckage, go to the left side of it while looking at the overpass. Scrap B is all the way down it.
Scrap C: From Scrap B, turn from where you came, looking at the wreckage of the overpass. Head to that wreckage, turn left, and go past the building. Scrap C should be on your left.
Scrap D: After killing the attack helicopter but before going underground to chase the Resistance leader, look to your left. Scrap D should be right above the highway, on one of the sides of it, before getting to the tunnel.

Mission 01
Scrap A: From the SECOND garage, near the cranes by the water, there is a half sunken oil tanker. Scrap A is on it, near the ship's bridge. Note that this isn't the one nearest Scrap C.
Scrap B: From the beginning, follow the highway near where you start until you get to a wider, open place. There are multiple buildsing with plenty of gas tanker trains. Scrap B is near he middle of this complex.
Scrap C: From Scrap B, turn toward the ocean. There should be a tower with lights on it, spinning. This is not the one next to the 'garage.' Scrap C is right next to it.

Mission 02:
Scrap A: By a garage. From the first Garage you come across, look to the building right in front of it. Look left, and move that way for a few seconds. The scrap should be on your right, your side of this road.
Scrap B: From Scrap A's garage: Look toward the building right in front of it, then strafe right -- take the immediate street right next to the garage and cross the river. This second garage has scrap B across the street from it.
Scrap D: From Scrap B, face the building right next to the scap, still across the street from the garage. Climb this building, then jump across to the next one, still moving forward. Look left and down. There should be a ditch there, Scrap D is within it.
Scrap E: When given the order to withdraw, after the cutscene with the missiles, follow the route until you get to the ocean while on the overpass/bridge. Turn right, jump off the bridge and go around the building. Scrap E is right there.

Mission 03:
Scrap A: In the middle of the gigantic lake, there is a platform. Scrap A is on this platform.
Scrap B: As you head toward the second site, the route will take you overlooking a very deep crater. You'll be attacked by suicide ACs, and once you are done, you'll find this scrap at the bottom of the crater.
Scrap C: When moving to the final area, you will cross a bridge to get across a small river. The Scrap C is right beneath the bridge.
Scrap D: After crossing the bridge with Scrap C, look to your right. There should be a giant mech standing there. Scrap D is directly on the other side of this mech.


Also I understand this is in japanese but it has pics of where all the parts are so it could be a help....

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