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RB4 Rivals Crew

Hey guys,

I'm checking if there are fellow RB4Rivals rockers on the Xbone for a crew that Big_One and I are setting up. Once the crew is set up, we have room for eight more people.

While there isn't any requirement in this crew to become an indentured servant to the guitroller, reaching the Bloodstone-tier is a goal to be reached sometime in the future. How long that'll take is totally in the air as the most important goal is to have fun with the game while working towards something.

Since the crew and tiers is asynchronous multi-player, each individual rocker can contribute in their own time and on their terms. Even if you play one song a day in the Rivals environment, you contribute to the crew.

I guess that if you want in, drop a line to either Big_One or I and you'll be sorted out. Thanks for your interest already!

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