Post your Current or future pc racing setup

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Post your Current or future pc racing setup

Ive been pawning the idea of a cpu/mobo upgrade the last few months and have noticed a few others following suit and contemplating so i was curious what others have and how they would rate there performance :)

Aswell as any racing gadgets they have, this isnt a mines better than yours thread.  The intent is to give newcomers or those on a budget help with build a racing pc & rig

My rig:  I originally bought a hp pavillionand for $1200 and  slowly upgraded parts over the past 4 yrs

CPU: i7 2600 with stock cooler

-its nolonger one of the fastest cpus any more but more than enough for just gaming as is the i5 2500 pretty much the same computer with the nod going to the hype threading ability og the 2600.....can find for roughly $300-350

Pros- does what i need it too

Cons- doesnt have pci 3.0

MOBO:  Asus P8Z77-M Pro

-Good and stable what more can i ask ? it has multiple express lanes for those who want to run sli/crossfire or add a soundcard and is pci 3.0 ready for those with an ivy bridge intel chip.  I bought it from a sale rack for $75 so i cant complain.

Pros-multiple pci lanes

Cons-If running dual modern monster cards you will use up all your available lanes due to the overlap of the cards so 2 is the max

Ram: 16gb Corsair Dominator 1333 mhz

-its ram clearly not the fastest available but does the job.  I payed approx. $150 for 16gb

Normally 8gb is more than enoughbut ive been noticing since i went to crossfire + triples and a few of the modern sims are using over 80% of my ram usage upon game launch so i bought another 8gb to avoid any stuttering or maxing out during gaming.

Pros- it works fairly good

Cons-there are faster available

GPU: x2 R9 290 4gb

There Beasts....sort of lol  They perform great in pretty much every game I play, 3dmark benchmark has me around 14000 points and better than 98% of the rest, but the performance on Pcars and Assetto Corsa atm are not that great but ive heard performance boosts are coming for amd users in those 2 titles.  GSC, RRE, RF2 and Iracing all perform great.

Pros-Asides from the 2 titles mentioned performance is great and you can pick these up used for cheap! i bought both of mine for $220 each on Kijiji and saw some selling a pair for $375.......gtx 980 = $700+ I could run 4 cards for that price!

PSU: Corsair 850GS

For $100 it works, its stable and able to run sli/crossfire tho thats its limits with slight overclocking

SSD: Samsung Evo 840 120 gb running Windows 8.1

I bought these together on sale....$95 for the ssd and $100 for windows

Pro- both are major performance enhancers and a must have if you like a speed boost  with a massive increase in boot and load times

Cons- none for the ssd card, windows 8.1 its faster than 7 but has those stupid tiles which are a bit annoying and more for a touch screen, but MS is giving all owners of 7 & 8 a free upgrade to Windows 10 when launched but only for those who upgrade in yr of its launch

HHD: x2 Seagate 2tb 1 is my main folder 1 is my backup

$75 they work if money is no object by all ssd drives and run in raid

Lightscribe x24 BluRay player

$25 plays blurays

x3 24" Accer led 1080 widescreen monitors s231HL

$100 off of ebay used, led 1080 low power usage......decent but have a 32" lg 4k ultra wide monitor on pre order

Cons- theres much better available

Logitech 5.1 surround Sound

$50 usedand gives me surround and dont sound bad at all

Headset Corsair Vengence 1400

$65 there good, clearly theres much better ones available but chose these cause they were anolog and i can run my Buttkicker with a splitter

Racing Rig:

Thrustmaster Tx with GTE rim

I bought it for $200 on ebay $100 for the gte rim.  Stock rim is plastic and cheap soan addon is a most.  Some prefer it over the T500 which gets good reviews and is compared to Fanatecs CSWv1 and elite wheel.  Ive had a logitech g27 and a fanatec gt3rs which are both good entry level wheels but feel this is a step above both and for what i payed iam not complaining.  FFb is strong and smooth while reacting is quick

Fanatec CSR elite pedals with inversion kit

There the cheapest load cell pedal available on the market for $175 and worth every penny, Ive had no major issues aside from some squeeking the inversion kit tho really brings them to life and strongly recomend for $75

Buttkicker Gamer 2

$140 approx. i got mine for $100 before they really got popular.  All i can say is its a must have for gaming and brings immerssion to a whole new level.

Mounted to a GTR racing rig

I just bought this over the holidays and i am currently customizing it so i cant really review it atm.  I bought it on ebay on a best offer bid of $320 reg.$550 plus $100 shipping from the factory which i later got a $50 refund cause a bolt was missing and it got a scratch while being delivered.....$380 with shipping whos complaining lol


I forgot to mention all the prices are in CDN so the majority of you around the world will find these prices much cheaper.

What would I upgrade.....CPU/MOBO/PSU to run a tri or quad gpu setup, if amd doesnt optimize there drivers i may have to add a nvidia gpu to the list.....cockpit wise I d like a high end wheel.




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