FSX-SE - Any flight simmers here?

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FSX-SE - Any flight simmers here?

I recently picked up Microsoft's Flight Simulator X through Steam the other weekend.  My first time dabbling back in a flight simulator since Jane's F-15 & AH-64 in the mid '90s.  

I've been spending most of my time...ok, essentially all of my time in military jets (Dino Catanneo's F-14 & T-45 along w/ Aerosoft's F-16).  Been having a blast...even though I can't use any weapons in it (FSX limitation).  Planning routes with a route planner has been far more entertaining than I was expecting.  I can kill a lot of time playing around on www.skyvector.com.  I've got routes to all the Naval Air Stations & Air Force Bases in the continental US, a route around the world (for when I pick up a B-1B), and currently putting together a transit from Hill AFB in Utah to Elmendorf AFB & mission package in Alaska.  laugh I also downloaded DCS World for when I feel ready to get even more immersed in a combat world.  

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