Looking for PC Group (Join or Start)

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#1 Thu, 07/13/2017 - 22:46
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Looking for PC Group (Join or Start)

I've actually been a member for a while, but am returning from a long hiatus. Basically a new member again -- crazy busy at work and all that.

Looking to join or start-up a chill glorious PC gaming group of varying games. (Can't find an existing post so far. Mea culpa if this is a dupe.) Action, Strategy, Racing, Co-op, Fighting and all the other gaming flavors are welcome in this wicked brew.

Of course, by "chill," I mean we'd like to compete and play well and help each other get to that lean-mean-fighting-machine status, but without over-the-top competitiveness.

Hit me up with Steam friend requests: Pork Meat Perry. I should be on Uplay and the others at some point too.

Here's to getting shot in the neck by y'all -- and soon.

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