I made a race broadcast! Haha. Who'da thunk it?

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I made a race broadcast! Haha. Who'da thunk it?


Took part in a 2.5hr Petit Lemans race as part of the Northwest Majors series in iRacing, hosted for & by my regional club.  I wasn't even aware they were broadcasting until after the race.  Narrowly made the start, walking in the door 7 minutes before green.  So went in stone cold, 0 practice, 0 qual.  Fortunately I turned a few laps a week earlier to get a setup for the car, so I wasn't going in completely blind.  Took it easy at the start, tried to keep it clean and moved from 23rd starting position (caboose) up to 13th at the finish.  I was the only sorry sap running the Ford GT, so as it turns out I became one of the favorites of one of the announcers.  Haha.

I'll also be running in the next NW Majors this coming Sunday at Bathurst with my personal faves...the Ford Falcon V8 Supercar!  Should be good for a few bumps & bruises.  laugh  

They will be televising Bathurst as well.  10/12 6pm Pacific.  http://globalsimracingchannel.com/ai1ec_event/northwest-majors-season-1-race-12-bathurst/?instance_id=538

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