Help us Obi-Wan, you're are only hope

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#1 Mon, 03/26/2012 - 17:38
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Help us Obi-Wan, you're are only hope


I think everyone can agree they are tired of the "division" within the guild.  Enough with the smack talk and bitching, let's air out our dirty robes (or armor), get the assumptions squashed, and come up with a fucking solution.
The "a-team" as it has been called is not the "a-team".  They are hardcore players.  What is a hardcore player?  According to doodi (who will correct me even if I'm right because that fat chic from the guild summit turned him down) is someone who is serious about raiding, willing to stay up late to raid, knows the strats (i.e. there is no stopping to explain what the fuck to do each time you enter a room), doesn't fuck up for the same reason over and over and over (learns from their mistakes), has been raiding for a few years, and can take SEVERE verbal assaults (which will get worse when 1.2 comes out because doodi is a fucking nerd with too much time and a calculator).
The "retarded jawas" as I like to call them are not retarded jawas.  They are humans who know what the sun looks like and how good a pussy feels (or penis in landons case).  They are seen as casual players.  If hardcore does not describe you, you are casual.
Casual players cannot go on hardcore players raids - false.  They can carry 1 person in a HM (it would really help if the RAID didn't have to be explained, so know you're role).
Casual players cannot go in the RAID channel with the hardcore players - false.  Show up before the RAID in the channel.  Even if you aren't going, stay if your current gameplay allows (don't really need to hear the sounds of the game or aren't PVPing, etc) or stay in the SWTOR channel and hear Nouri bitch about his sucky warzone teams.
Doodi is a fucktard - true
Casual players never show up to RAID on Saturday night - false.  Once for sure (it was fucking St. Patricks day).  A second time according to some, but fuck it, it's over.
Hardcore players won't hook up with casual players for PVP - need to squash this.  false would be a nice answer, but when you're PVPing and you join a game with another guild member and no offer to join up is made the "wtf" comes out.  Some people like to PVP alone or have better luck.
That's all I feel like writing about atm.  You fuckers can do the rest.
Should a hardcore player "cater" to the needs of a casual?  Nope.  Put yourself in their shoes, you're paying your money to play, you want it to be fun for yourself.  However, doesn't anyone that has accepted a leadership position signed up to help a little?  Casual players are not being asked to be catered or carried.  They seek out the better gear and more challening gameplay too.  It would be usefull if on the links topic we had info on where you get your strats (like what site do you use to solve those puzzles).  Taking a couple of minutes to link where you get your information = some of us reading it on our own = not playing 20 questions in game.
Isn't the point in being in a guild to play, have fun, berate each other, and help out each other?  what do we need to do to solve this shit?
TL;DNR - go fuck yourself
Mon, 03/26/2012 - 18:22
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you can blame me for the a-team reference. I am on most nights and will play as long as I am having fun. IF I get into a Raid so be it. Not the end of me having fun at all. 

I know we were trying to get a second raid group going but a few of the jawas have left or have not been seen in awhile. Wether we like it or not there is a schism in the guild. We have those that have been raiding together for a long time and us mmo newbs. I don't expect them to feel obligated to invite me into a raid. I have hung out in the raid room and the afk room with more than a few of them and don't find anyone to be an eliteist snob and all are willing to help out when they can. 

 Hey I got to do KP the other night for the full raid and only fucked up a few times. Stood in fire and aoe taunt at the wrong time. 

I have done EV normal and feel that I can do HM mode as the primary tank if given the chance. 

I am close to getting my BH DPS to 50 and that may give me another choice to raid with. 

We would all like to raid but most nights there are not enough peeps on to do it. that may change with 1.2 but who knows. 

We have picked up Nouri and he is fun to play with but we have lost a few cough Aethal and friends cough because she thought we were not raiding enough for her. 

Eventually this will all work out in the end wether for good or ill remains to be seen. 

Mon, 03/26/2012 - 18:50
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Well there is no hardcore and cusual player in our guild.  You just have to keep in mind that some of us are geekier than other and some of us play too much MMO for the pass few years.   I don't consider myself a hardcore player or anything close to that.   I do play alot, like to research my class and love leveling alts.  But i can not commit more than 2 days or 6hrs a weeke to do OPS.  If I'm on the weekend and an OPS happen i'm glad to join but i won't commit more thant 2 days a week.

The guild is in a very weird situation because we have enough geared members to do 16 men OPs but the schedule never favor that situation.   We always have around 10-15 on during raid time on monday or wednesday.   We also ran into this situation in WOW when we first start raiding so we have to do 10 men and people felt leftout.  We just have to find a schedule that everyone can agree on to do a 16 men OPS and have extra people on the roster just in case, we need to fill a spot and that is hard to recruit and ask someone to do.

   I'm willing to sit out the a weds/mon raid to gear up another guildy.  I know there are people in the wed/mon raid that willing to sit their toon for another guildy.  Like you stated before in your post, we can only take one new or cusual raider.   The DPS requirement is still high because of the rage timer on some bosses.


The most important thing is you have to remember Doodi only yell at you cause he loves you...  I raided with him for the 5 years and i hear him yell at everyone and sometime yelling at himself for stading in the fire....


The main thing is just to have fun and hang out with your friend....


P.S. :  I don't like to PVP cause it frustrate me :)




Mon, 03/26/2012 - 20:45
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I have literally no idea what has happened since with my gnarly school/life/travel/work schedule I really only log on to do OPS, but my two cents from points here...


1 - I will happily sit at any point for any of you here on this site that wants to raid on a night and have a chance at some loots, or at least offer to sit for the first bosses when I don't need anything.  I know that most of us now have nearly everything we want from an ops and are really going through the motions just to get to the end bosses (chest/weapon/etc).  I say "any of you here from the site" because there are a lot of 50's that I don't know from anyone, but if it is a 2o2p member, I am happy to sit.

2- I offered on multiple occasions in game, and in at least one post here which you can find in your "2nd Raid Group" thread to help out that group on off nights.  I said you could basically pick any night and I would commit to running it with you, helping out with the DPS while the lesser geared got up to speed, and explain all the fights and techniques.  I was basically told in the post following mine that you didn't need any more help and no one has ever mentioned it to me since.  I am the epitome of a "casual" raider, and I know the feeling when you get in there and don't know what the fuck you are doing.

3- I have offered at literally 10 different points in the forums to PvP with people.  I have talked about a "dedicated" PvP night, have said specifically "I am always down to PvP when I am on" and mentioned in games numerous times.'


I don't know if I am considered in the "A" group because I raid, but I am far from an elitist ass.  I don't know if I could do much more than what I have above.  That's all and tits and shit.



Tue, 03/27/2012 - 13:48
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I enjoy playing with anyone, and doing anything really.  I will play stupid huttball, or go help someone with BT even.  I just want to play with others.  I also think that we have just lost a few members recently.  I guess SWTOR isn't as fun for some as it is for others.  This isn't true of just our guild though.  I hope to do something soon, before my healer gets the big fat NERF!

Tue, 03/27/2012 - 18:15
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Doodi sucks and star wars is for gays

Tue, 03/27/2012 - 19:19 (Reply to #6)
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budman24 wrote:

Doodi sucks and star wars is for gays

Tue, 03/27/2012 - 19:20
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T3muJin wrote:

Doodi is a fucktard - true

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