Halo 5 Anniversary Questionnaire

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#1 Thu, 09/29/2016 - 11:42
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Halo 5 Anniversary Questionnaire

With the one year anniversary of Halo 5's release coming up, I thought I would give this site a re-visit along with a questionnaire:


1. Do you still play H5 and if so, how often?

2. Which playlist do you spend the most time in?

3. What's your Spartan Rank (SR) and highest Competitive Skill Ranking (CSR)?

4. What's your total multiplayer playtime?

5. Are you one of the lucky peeps to have achieved the Achilles armor and/or helmet?

6. How would you improve Halo 5 multiplayer?

7. Any 'xbox record that' vids, game stats, or anything else H5 related you want to show off?

Sun, 10/02/2016 - 13:32
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I'm playing Firefight most of the time now. Not playing much Arena these days. Warzone has become more interesting to me. I like using all of the different weapons and vehicles, and figuring out which REQs to use in different situations. Plus it helps me rank up fast. I should hit rank 100 soon. The other playlists don't seem to work as well for me. The H5 population seems to be declining, so it's more difficult to find balanced matches. That's not as much of a problem with Firefight. However, I don't know how much H5 I'll be playing after the new games come out in a few weeks.
Mon, 09/25/2017 - 09:21
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I haven't played halo in forever and a day.  Life kicked my ass.  Has a 2nd kid, bought a new house, new job...........  Ended up going PC gaming and unsubbed my xbox live and psn accounts.


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