GBR/2o4f assaults Petit Lemans

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GBR/2o4f assaults Petit Lemans

GoneBrokeRacing crewed with current & former 2old4forza drivers assaulted Petit Lemans at Road Atlanta this past weekend.  Weapon of choice for the 10 hour battle?  2 of Ford's GT3 spec GT supercar naturally.  The #4 car was piloted by Troysloth, zedarchitect, and oldslowfred, while the #5 had Boza, Sherb, and GBR newcomer Inkabodpain at the helm.  We went into this event with the goal of trying to get both cars inside the top 10 of the 38 car field.

Hard luck struck the #5 early prior to the 2.5 hour mare due to technical issues while attempting a driver swap at the end of Sherb's double stint.  Multiple pit stops were performed while trying to trouble shoot the problem before pressing on...but not before a couple laps were lost in the process.  Unfortunately the issues would go unresolved and Inkabodpain would be unable to drive for the duration of the event.  After the early pit drama for the #5, things would stabilize as Sherb & Boza would split up the driving duties for the duration of the event, slowly beginning the climb upwards.  While the #5 situation would stabilize and slowly improve, the #4 would run into some dilemmas of their own, watching an early spot inside the top 10 slip away.  A couple off tracks resulting in mild contact w/ the wall while navigating traffic would ultimately result in longer pit stops to try to keep the car competitive and reliable.  But the never say die attitude of the GBR crew would keep the old Ford ticking, as other competitors encountered issues of their own and retired from the race.  As the race moved into the latter stages, both GBR FGTs would find themselves slowly moving up the order.

Ultimately both cars would finish inside the top 10.  The nearly unscathed #5 would see a late race charge with Sherb at the wheel to finish 4th, only 3 seconds behind 3rd place.  The #4 car, while a little battle worn would finish 7th, after having to relinquish 6th in the final laps for a splash of fuel.  What a race!  What an experience!  Can't wait for the next one.


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