Unlimted Golden Key Chest Looting.

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Unlimted Golden Key Chest Looting.

Not posted in Borderlands forum because PC only and hidden behind spoiler-tag because I respect that not everyone wants to know this. But after having beaten BL2 several times and having clocked well over 300 hours, it's time to explore the dark side.

Lastly, this works. If it doesn't, you didn't follow the instructions to the letter, or you thought you're the only person in the world for whom instructions don't apply. In both cases, eff you. Seriously.

Kicking in an open door.., in order to do this, you must have Golden Keys. Just one is okay, but it is less tedious if you have more than one key.


First, save the vaulthunter you're doing this with in Sanctuary. Only use this vaulthunter, this is important. I say again; only use this vaulthunter.

Exit the game COMPLETELY. As in totally, the game isn't running anymore and you're looking at your desktop out of the game completely.

Find the file called profile.bin in Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\willowgame\[bunch a numbers]

Out of pure safety, copy this file to your desktop. COPY not cut. COPY.

Now back in the [bunch a numbers]-folder, right click on profile.bin and select properties. Tick 'Read Only' and then hit 'apply'. Leave the folder where it is, it's convenient that way later on. Start Borderlands.

Loot the Golden Key Chest for as long as you have keys or inventory space. DON"T DO ANYTHING ELSE. Don't buy, sell, leave Sanctuary, kill things, accept quests or scratch your balls. ONLY LOOT THE CHEST.

Exit the game completely. You know the drill.

Bring up the [bunch a numbers]-folder again and right click on profile.bin. Untick 'Read Only' and hit 'apply'.

Start Borderlands again. In your inventory will be all the stuff you've looted and your Golden Keys will be replenished back to their old numbers. Sell the weapons you don't want, and store those you want to keep. Swapping weapons between toons should also be done now. Try out weapons you might like in the shooting-range. Whatever, go wild.


If you feel like looting some more, repeat the steps for as many times as you like. Don't forget that if you return to regular play, your profile.bin must be accessible for the game. So make sure that 'Read Only' is unticked before you play.

Another thing, don't past the back-up back if you have looted successfully and it works out. The file on your desktop will be obsolete once you've have looted the Golden Key Chest using the 'Read Only' method. The best way to go about it is to backup the entire Borderlands folder in Documents before you go looting, but I can vouch for this working regardless. I've just included the back-up for my peace of mind. If you somehow screw this up, at least you have a working copy of profile.bin and I can shrug and laugh at your ineptitude.


Have fun!

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