An hour of my life dedicated to failure (Rise of Flight)

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An hour of my life dedicated to failure (Rise of Flight)


Started a career mode in “Rise of Flight” last night.  Apparently 2 weeks was the average life span of a pilot in WW1.  I helped that curve last night.


Went up with my squad leader and another pilot on a recon flight looking for enemy 2 seaters spotted in the area (I’m German…..of course).  We fly for a decent amount of time – I’m having a bit of hard time keeping up but doing ok.  I notice I’m at half a tank of gas left… I think if we don’t see something soon I’ve got to turn around and go back without my squad lol   But then we see some dots and soon we give chase.  I got all fucking disoriented and couldn’t find my squad!  Next thing you know up I’m under fire so I start to race back hoping to run into my squad and shake this guy that is hitting me with bullets……oil all over my screen – You’re probably thinking “oh Tukker you got hit with a bullet”…..if only my demise was that cool… the “heat” of the chase I didn’t notice my engine was running hot – conversely I didn’t open my radiator flaps to cool it down as a result.


I’m not close to my base really but he turned around and left me alone (thank god) which leads me to believe I was at least in friendly territory.  I’m at about 2000 meters so I start descending knowing that eventually this thing might catch fire or run out of fuel…..and boom the engine stops at about 1500 meters…..and I can’t get it started again.   Did a good job keeping my speed down and gliding that bad boy to the ground – was about to put her down but as I made my approach I was kind of banking a bit using my rudder to straighten it out and I guess I gave it too much rudder (don’t think I was landing into the wind like I should be – I think the wind was from the side…usually when you land at your field there is a wind sock to show the wind direction but I was trying to land in some random farmers field) and I turned it over and ran it into the ground.


RIP Lukas Bauer.  0 kills.  1 mission.  1 crash.  Tour of Duty length 2 days.


Lol  It was an hour of my life dedicated to failure.

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