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THC member Player review from RTX

Nice combat review. Lots of information.



Hello THC, Magnum here AKA "Andrew from Keller, Tx" for those of you who watched the RTX Livestream last night. I went to RTX this last weekend and got to play 5 games of Halo 4 including the Community VS RT Day 2 on the mainstage. This was an amazing experience and i even got to talk to Goofy for about an hour before i played on the stage. Here are my thoughts or my review of the game. I have pictures of some of my game results on my phone and will post them when i figure out how to.

-Haven: Haven was by far my favorite map it felt like Narrows a little bit with 2 man cannons leading to the middle which im sure most of you already know. Its a mid sized map a little bigger than Zealot or Gaurdian. 5/5
-Adrift: This map was pretty good and Promethean vision was very uselful on this map. There are 2 mancannons on the outside just to launch you to the other side of the map quickly. If you had the highground you absolutely dominated. 4.5/5
-Longbow: This map was a BTB/Squad Battle like map. There was a Ghost and a Warthog on each side of the map with a Lazer and Sniper up top which my team went for and Rockets down low. 4/5 (Not a big fan of Vehicles)

Game 1: Regicide on Adrift
This was my very first game getting to play and after i started late with the controls and everything i came back and won 305-275(i believe).
Regicide is a FFA/Juggernaut esque type of game where a player is king and he gets a bounty and it adds up by him getting kills up to 50 i believe. You got 5 points for a regular kill and 10 points for a headshot plus 10 points for Doubles Triples Overs etc. and Killing Sprees and Frenzys. I got 2 triples my game but could never get the over but Promethean Vision was what i used and was very helpful.

Game 2: Infinity Slayer on Haven
This is the game that got me my golden ticket to go play on the stage against Rooster Teeth. I went 29-5-2 with the BR and Thruster Pack.
In Infinity Slayer you get an individual score and a team score. The team score only adds up by kills by 10 up to 60 kills so individual medals dont affect your team score only your individual. I really only used the power ups when i got my ordanance but I picked up the scattershot once and got a couple kills with it.(Picture later)

Game 3: Infinity Slayer on Longbow
This was my first game i played on Sunday of 3. Right of the bat i sprinted 3 feet and my Xbox froze. After restarting and jumping in using the new join in progress system i hopped back into the game about halfway through it and only ended up getting 16 kills but the overall map felt and looked very good but had vehicles.

Game 4: Infinity Slayer on Longbow
This was the first time i got to spend a full game on this map and i went 27-3-4. I got to use the Lazer a little bit and i still dominated using Thruster Pack and BR with Sensor and Ammo Perk.(Picture later)

Game 5: Infinity Slayer on Longbow vs Rooster Teeth
This game was very fun and I had a great game and team. We ended up dominating RT just like the 343i lady asked us to do. I took the picture of the game but it somehow got deleted. I went 28-11*-2. We had a gameplan going in that id get the Lazer and let them get the Hog up another grab snipe. At one point I accidentally chose the Sticky Detonator but i wasn't disappointed that i did but for the most part i just chose the powerups. On this game i used BR and Promethean Vision with Mobility which turned out to be very good on this map. I got 2 Triples but they aren't seen in the video.
*- Myy brother said i got 11 but im not positive.
Halo 4 Gameplay - RT vs Community day 2 // With Bravo's Commentary - YouTube

This is my review of all the weapons i got to use.
-BR: I absolutely loved the BR. It was from the E3 build so it was a 5 shot but with hitscan it still was amazing. Felt like it had more aim assist than the other weapons at closer ranges.
-DMR: The DMR really felt like a monster and better then the 3 even though i used BR the most. Really good on Longbow due to the open area and size of the map.
-Carbine: The Carbine was OK in my opinion I didnt get to use it very much but I got destroyed by it once it kills alot faster than the BR and was a god at close range.
-Scattershot: The scattershot was alright but i expected more. If the reticule wasn't red it was very useless and even when it was red it would take more than one shot sometimes.
-Rocket Launcher: The Rocket Launcher felt very powerful as expected. It felt alot slower than past games and the blast radius felt smaller than Reach's Rockets.
-Sticky Detonator: I used this gun on accident but it was a very good sabotage weapon. At one point vs RT i shot it into the drivers seat of the hog before they got into it and waited till they drove towards us to blow it up and it worked perfectly. A cool thing about it is that you can shoot it and switch weapons and still use your BR and it wont explode until you switch back and make it explode with another tap of RT.
-Frag Grenade: Not alot of people are talking about them in their posts. First off I play Bumper Jumper and grenade on it was X so i didnt use them alot but when i did they were good. The blast radius of the explosion felt alot smaller than Reach and they overall had a Halo 3 feeling.

Armor Abilities
These are the abilities I used.
-Promethean Vision: Wasn't as overpowered as I thought it would be and was very good on Adrift.
-Thruster Pack: I really like the idea of this ability but when i used it i was a little disappointed on the distance you cover when you use it. You maybe go like 5 feet in the direction you choose. If they buff it up im all for it.
-Hardlight Shield: I didn't use it very much but I liked it. The shield cannot be meleed through from what i saw and can take infinite damage to the front and is reflective bouncing bullets back at the shooter. Splash damage can kill you though easily.

Perks(or whatever they are called)
-Ammo; I didn't use it cuz i didn't see much use for it but at one point i killed a rocket guy and he had 4 bullets plus 2 in the chamber which seemed a little overpowered.
-Sensor: Makes your Radar more sensitive by showing you if enemies are below or above you and there are tiny arrows on the outside of it showing you the way of enemies firing.
-Mobility: Unlimited sprint i found it very useful on Longbow.
-Firepower: Used it once and didn't find much use to it. You have the ability to have 2 primary weapons but i didnt see much use in it sense you have a pistol already.

-Damage: My favorite and it made the BR four shot which was perfect.
-Shield: Just gave you an extra shield just like regular Overshield like past games.
-Speed: Makes you run alot faster and reload quicker but did not make you shoot faster.

Overall: 10/10
I absolutely loved playing the game and almost everything felt perfect down to the sound lighting and movement of your character.
Feel free to add me on XBL GT: Im Magnum


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