Stuck in Sparatn Ops (Glitch)

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#1 Tue, 01/22/2013 - 09:33
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Stuck in Sparatn Ops (Glitch)

So last night I jumped into the new spartan ops episodes and got stuck! It was on the second part of the first mission. You clear that first area and then the doors open to another area to clear. Well somehow one person got stuck behind a glass wall. (I don't think it was on purpose as the map was only out for a couple of hours). The rest of us then spwaned in there with him when we died. You could shoot the wall and it would warp the glass, but you were stuck in a very small area. So I decide to throw a grenade at my feet and respwan luck, it would respawn me back in with other people. Of course 2 other guys are doing the same thing. I then plug in my mike and tell everyone we need to die together so that no one is in here to create the spawn trap. I count to three and we all do this except one we all spawn on him trapped in the glass. This happens over and over again with the same guy not throwing a grenade. Of course you can't betray your teammate so we are all stuck. The other two players quit. I was getting really mad at this one player thinking this was a "Timmy" trying to grief me....but I just figured he wasted his first two grenades and didn't have anymore to throw. Finally he quits.

I was going to quit the game....but it would have wasted a double exp match. So I ground out the last half of the mission solo on Legendary......I should have just quit, but I wasn't going to waste a double xp match so generourly given to me by Nunder. It took me so long to complete I could have made up the extra xp by playing an extra round of Spartan Ops. Oh well.

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 09:42
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I was deliberately jumping around the edges on a mission and got stuck for a moment until I found a hole to fall through. The spawn on your buddy system does have pitfalls if someones ends up in bad geometry like you did.

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