Second Loot Chest in CE

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Second Loot Chest in CE

Once you've successfully gotten across the second bridge, you have an opportunity to get the second loot chest in the game that contains either shards or energies. There are a few catches though...

A timer starts once everyone gets across the bridge. It takes time to high-five the team after successfully clearing the bridge and then scoop up some ammo. Doing this makes it nearly impossible to have enough time to get to the next loot chest before a door closes... But, there is a way...

Have everyone wipe by jumping off into the chasm. This starts the timer over, and the whole team will respawn inside the building at the beginning of the Thrall tunnel. The idea is to get through the Thrall tunnel while getting past dozens of Thrall, avoiding the Shriekers/seekers, jump a big hole and squeeze through a quickly closing door. The loot chest is inside that far chamber. 

To make it challenging, you've got to kill two Shriekers in the Thrall tunnel, avoid the purple plasma seekers and somehow survive the Thrall. Here's how we do it.. 

The high agility Hunter in your group goes first. The Hunter is a jumping bean - a fast running jumping bean. He/she doesn't shoot anything, but may throw a grenade up the tunnel a ways. If you have two Hunters, a second could move on the first's heels. The remaining team members rocket the Shriekers as soon as possible, and throw grenades far up the tunnel at intervals to thin, disperse, and confuse any remaining Thrall.  Just one Guardian needs to make it through the closing door. Once inside, the door will reopen, and the entire team can enter. Just don't fall into the big hole right before the door, which forces a checkpoint. 

The chest will remain open long enough for an each team member (individually) to switch characters and return to the chest. Each of your characters will get the same reward or either shards or energies. Doing this means you don't have to worry about getting the chest for your next character(s) on a separate raid that week.

As a Warlock, I've gotten close to getting through before the door closes. But, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades - or maybe rockets. I think I could do it if I didn't pause to shoot rockets at the shriekers.

Thanks to our team for working out the details. 

By the way, the 12 year old family member I mentioned in another thread got himself and another new player all the way to Ir Yut - just the two of them. Though we've taken him on a couple successful raids with us, I'm pretty sure he'll solo Crota before he's done.


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