new bf3.5 rumours and images

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new bf3.5 rumours and images

per mp1st:

An Imgur album containing 58 images what what looks like the Alpha version of Battlefield 4 have allegedly leaked on to the internet....


click on link to see images

Some interesting bits of info from the leaked screens include:

  • New loadout screen, includes “Kits,” “Vehicles,” and “Weapons”
  • New award screen includes “Ribbons,” “Medals,” and “Assignments”
  • Left and right Dog Tags are back
  • Origin integration with “Friends” and “Challenges”
  • “Quick Match” and “Sever Browser” return
  • “Battlepacks” can be accessed from the menu, Bronze Battlepack includes three items
  • 5-man squads
  • 4 kits
  • Similar loadout slots to Battlefield 3 with the exception of a selectable knife (Primary, Secondary, Gadget 1, Gadget 2, Grenades, Knife, Specialization and Appearance)
  • Coastal map named Siege
  • New HUD that matches that of the single player demo
  • Command Rose returns
  • Working Elevators?


  ... so basically Battlefield 3 with a few tweaks.



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